At Phowler, we are always looking to create the ultimate in concealment. Our 2'N1 Layout/Pop-up Combo is about as close as you can get. This unique blind offer you two ways to hunt: 1) Layout style for those spots with limited cover. 2) Pop-up style for the days you can get against cover. In the layout position, the 2'N1 is just plain deadly. With only an 18-20” profile off the water, birds simply doesn’t know what hit them when they set in only yards over the top of the blind.


While there are other layout boat blinds available, with the 2'N1, you also have the option of converting to a pop-up blind. Just lift the back wall, set up your seat, and in less then 15 seconds you are in a sit-up blind. In the up position, the blind profile is like nothing birds have ever seen in a blind. The small wedge of the pop-up has minimum profile, even in open water situations. Sitting in the flip doors is the most natural shooting position you will ever hunt from. It is just like being in the on ready position in pheasant hunting: Just lift the gun and you are on target. The 2'N1 blind has a hard deck walkway that makes it easy to get from the front deck of the boat to the rear. Our integrated grass/brush rail makes dressing the blind easy. Offered in 3 and 4 man configurations, the 2'N1 can also be customized to receive heaters, storage boxes, custom lighting, and much, much more. Off the boat, the blind stores easy; folding to just 8” high by the length and beam of the boat. Ideal on a 60, 66, or 72” hull, the 2'N1 is truly a killing machine.

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Phowler Boat Company

Total Concealment Blind System (TCBS)

The Ultimate in Boat Blind Concealment


2015 2 N'1 Layout Combo Custom Blind Pricing


2 N'1: a full layout boat blind and a full pop-up blinds that is completely removable and easy to store.


Base Blind Standard Features:

Three man layout shell, laminated cordura flip doors, quick-up pop-up frame, removable front and rear curtains, corner and drivers/dog zipped openings, front decoy rail boxes with nets, hard deck walkway, non-skid, grassing/brushing rail, VHB/Sealent "quiet panel" construction, gunnel seal, primed and OD Green painted finish. Base price includes up to one hour of custom design time.


Additional design time may be needed for adaptation to some boats.