The TCBS Exteme Hard Blind is the Cadillac of all hard blinds. Our Extreme Blind offers the advantages of a traditional high/low blind design, but the drivability of a lower profile blind. All Phowler TCBS hard blinds are aerodynamically designed to make them easy to handle and operate in the windiest conditions. Our sloped nose and sides eliminate 90% of wind drift. Phowler’s propriety double action overhead lid folds back for driving, then sets up 9” higher with one simple support for hunting. Likewise, our quick action shooting lids adjust to three different angles to provide various opening sizes and shadows to fool even the most wary birds. This combination lid system provides for maximum overhead cover and concealment. It also creates multiple planes and levels of the blind, breaking up that “box on the water” appearance you see in most hard blinds. The best part: The entire lid system simply folds down over the top for transport, trailer and storage. No travel lids or covers needed to keep the elements out.


Our Extreme Blind is best suited for console steering, but can be adapted for tiller motor operations. As with all Phowler TCBS Blinds, the .032 aluminum skin is attached with full contact VHB seal to eliminate the “tin echo” that is inherent to most metal blinds. The VHB absorbs the vibration of running and calling, making the TCBS blinds the quietest metal blind on the market today. Our Extreme Blind can be fitted with any of our TCBS folding steps, transom platforms, or dog ramps. Each option is designed to work seamlessly with the blind. Add blind webbing to allow for easy installation of natural or artificial grass for maximum concealment. At Phowler, we offer the largest selection of custom dyed raffia grass, camoflex limbs, and blind fabric you will find anywhere, making dressing out your rig easy. You can customize your new Extreme blind with a full complement of accessories as well. We offer heater systems, stoves, ovens, shelving, LED lighting, headlights, and custom seating and storage. Again, each option is designed to work seamlessly with other installed options. The Extreme Hard Blind is custom-fit to any boat and motor set-up.


Our Basic Extreme Blind includes your choice of nose/front door and traditional high/low sides, plus gunnel seal, bow storage, running lights, and VHB quiet panel skinning. The blind is primed and painting in standard Phowler OD Green finish. From there, you can select the lid system, interior options, paint, and extras to best meet your hunting needs.

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Phowler Boat Company

Total Concealment Blind System (TCBS)

The Ultimate in Boat Blind Concealment


2015 EXTREME Custom Hard Blind Pricing


Base Blind Standard Features:

Single or Two Piece Removable* Hard Blind. All Aluminum Construction .032 Skin, choice of angled deck door or vertical blind door, bow decoy storage, running lights, high/low or level low profile sides, clamps and mounting points, VHB/Sealent "quiet panel" construction, gunnel seal, primed and OD Green Painted finish. Base Price includes up to one hour of custom design time.


Additional design time may be needed for adaptation to some boats.