The Phowler Extreme Series is considered the industry standard in function and performance. The base hull design is a propriety hull bend that produces the best handling mud boat on the market today. Many have tried to copy our hull bend or have used the “Extreme” name to market their own hulls, but make no mistake, there is only one true Extreme hull: the Phowler Extreme Series. The Phowler Extreme is built with a fully longitudinal stringer system that is assembled outside the hull, and then pressed into place, producing the strongest “backbone” of any mud hull. The floor is completely level: no cross stringer sticking up to trip over or limit placement of options. The Phowler Extreme is a balanced hull that planes quickly with little or no bow rise, eliminating the transom dragging or “tail squat” that makes shallow water starts more difficult. Any hull will go fast with a light load. The Phowler hull is designed to plane with a big load. Our load carrying ability is unmatched, making the Phowler Extreme the perfect platform for hunting, fishing, bow fishing, or any situation where shallow water performance is a must. From the solid platform the Phowler Extreme provides, you can customize the hull with our standard and custom accessories, blinds, decks and OEM motors.


Phowler Extreme MV Option: Want a boat that will smooth out your ride in rough water without compromising your shallow water performance? Then consider the MV option on your new Phowler Extreme. All our Phowler hulls will run remarkably smooth in rough water and our customers will all tell you that our standard flat jon runs smoother than any “production” MV hull they have run. This is a byproduct of how a longitudinally strung hull transfers shock down the hull and out of the transom. If you run big water all the time, then the MV nose option will make that ride even smoother. Most MV hulls sacrifice performance with surface drive motors: not so with the Phowler MV. The MV hull maintains its full planing surface and is flat from the base of the rake back, ensuring you will get the same shallow water performance as the standard Extreme hull. Phowler was the first mud boat company to offer this MV option on a true mud boat. No other manufacturers have been able to achieve our performance with an MV front. They keep trying, but our MV design is proprietary and the details are a well-kept secret.

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2019 - Phowler Series Boats - Extreme and Extreme MV Model


Phowler Extreme Boats are the Same Hull and Bracing as our Basic Hull



All Phowler Series Extreme Boats Come Standard with:

.125- 5086 Grade One Piece Hull, Rear Pods Seats, .090 Standard Floor, Movable Gun Box, LED Running Lights, Six Switch Fuse Panel, 12 Volt Acc Plug, Extended Deck Storage, Tank and Battery Bracket, 20" Transom and Standard OD Green Finish with Gator Grip Paint.  

Full Coast Guard Approved Flotation