Built using the same aerodynamic designs and quiet panel technology as its big brothers' (the Extreme and Flyway Guide Hard Blinds), the Light Marsh is Phowler’s most versatile and most popular hard blind. Our Light Marsh has all the comforts of a full hard blind, yet the low driving profile of a half blind or soft blind. The Light Marsh base walls are right at hip height; making the Light Marsh the easiest to drive from the rear (tiller motor) with maximum visibility to the front. It is the lightest of our hard blinds as well: The average Light Marsh Blind for an 1856 hull weighs only 150-170 lbs, making it easy to remove. Our slopped nose and sides cut through the strongest cross winds without significant bow drift, making the Light Marsh easy to handle. The integrated lid system of the light marsh is propriety to Phowler.


The Light Marsh has a fold-up rear lid with overhanging cover lid and fold-up front lids that are fully adjustable from inside the boat. The lid stops are our own design: Simply spin the HD adjuster up or down to change the lid angle and opening size. Lids fold outside and rest on the slope of the blind wall for running, and fold flat over the top of the blind for transport and storage. You can have the lids hard skinned or screened with snap in wind panels. You have the option to use just the screens and grass for the early season and then use the wind panels to cut the wind and hold in the heat in late season. The Light Marsh’s low base walls make it ideal for setting and picking up decoys from both sides of the boat with just a short hook pole. We recommend hunting at first light with the top covers down and then closing them up tight to bring in the wariest of birds.

As with its big brothers, the Light Marsh is fully customizable with all our TCBS options: camo paint, heaters, dog ramps, ladders, etc.

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Phowler Boat Company

Total Concealment Blind System (TCBS)

The Ultimate in Boat Blind Concealment


2015 LIGHT Marsh Custom Hard Blind Pricing


Base Blind Standard Features:

Single or Two Piece Removable* Light weight Hard Blind. Slopped sides. All Aluminum Construction .032 Skin, choice of angled deck door or vertical blind door, bow decoy storage, running lights, high/low or level low profile sides,clamps and mounting points, VHB/Sealent "quiet panel" construction, gunnel seal, primed and OD Green Painted finish. Base Price includes up to one hour of custom design time.


Additional design time may be needed for adaptation to some boats.