Pro-Drive Shallow Water Outboards: Introduced in 2003, after eight years of testing, the Pro-Drive is the most dependable shallow water outboard on the market today. Pro-Drive was the first air-cooled outboard to utilize a surface drive propeller and gear reduction, the Pro Drive is the most versatile shallow running outboard on the market. The Pro-Drive is the only shallow water outboard or "mudmotor" that is all gear driven (there are no belts to slip or belts to break in this motor) and the only shallow water outboard that offers Full Power Reverse, a reversing system that can be safely used in vegetation, mud, and stumps fields. With optional console steering, full hydraulic power trim and Automatic Full Power Reverse, the Pro-Drive is the most complete and powerful shallow water outboard on the market today. Built tough, the Pro-Drive Shallow Water Outboard runs in the heaviest vegetation and mud, and readily withstands shallow water impacts. Easy to operate, the Pro Drive handles like a tiller or console steer outboard motor. With the lowest warranty rate in the business, the Pro-Drive is an investment you’ll never regret.


Illowa Marine is the largest Pro-Drive Dealer and factory OEM in the county, we sell, rig and service more engines then anyone.  That mean only one thing, we know our products and will provide you with the best service possible.


 New for 2018 Pro-Drive has introduced a Marine Series 40HP Vanguard Big Block V-Twin with EFI is designed for heavy use in harsh hunting and fishing environments. Customers wanted more horsepower for increased speed and load carrying capacity. With the help of Briggs & Stratton this is now available from the factory and backed with their three year power head warranty.