The 44 Prowler Extreme has a bottom width of 44”, maximum beam of 60” and upper cockpit width of 44 and cockpit overall depth of 22”.  The hull is constructed of .100/5086 grade aluminum with a .100 nose plate and rear deck, .063 cockpit. More room for hunters and gear, yet low profile, stable and safe in the roughest waters. The Prowler Extreme can support a range of motors: from a 12hp Copperhead to a 36 hp Pro Drive, on up to a 30 hp outboard. The Prowler Extreme can carry a bigger load and can hunt three people comfortably. Matched with a 23 hp Copperhead, the Prowler Extreme will run up to 28 mph with just one man and gear. But the real beauty in this combo, is that it will still run 18 mph with a 1000 lb load! No other mud boat on the market today can match the Prowler’s load carrying ability. The Prowler Extreme can accommodate the same options as the original Prowler plus a few extras!

The 50 Prowler Extreme was design to provide sportsmen with more room, load carrying and power-up options.  Constructed of .100/5086 grade aluminum with a 50” wide bottom, 66” maximum beam and 50” wide and 22” deep cockpit, the Prowler Extreme has even more displacement. The Prowler Extreme 50 will run very well with a light 23 hp Copperhead surface drive but is wide enough to hang a full size 36 hp Pro-Drive on the back without sacrificing a shallow draft.  This new design was a direct result of customer demand and at Phowler we answered the call. The Prowler Extreme 50 is the best of both worlds, gear and load carrying of full size Extreme, low profile and huntablity of a true sneak boat.

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All Phowler Prowler Extreme Boats Come Standard with:

.100/5086 Grade One Piece Hull, .063/5052 Upper Walls/Cockpit, One Movable Drop in Bench Seat,16" Transom, Fully Welded Water Tight Cockpit, LED Running Lights, Six Switch Fuse Panel, 12 Volt Plug, Full Floor and Standard OD Green Finish and Flotation Exemption Granted By The USCG.