The Phowler TCBS Superfly is the most versatile, easy to use and adjust pop-up blind you will ever own. The blind sets up in seconds. With no pins, snaps, or buckles, you simply unfold it, put on the cross straps, and the blind is up. Want to change the angle, opening, or camber? Just adjust the four corner straps with your thumb and the adjustments are made in a matter of seconds. Framing on the Superfly is not your normal ‘out of the box’ tent pole framing that will last only as long as it takes for your hunting buddy to sit or step on it. Our framing is all schedule-40 aluminum piping designed to last a lifetime. No plastic fittings either. Superfly hardware is welding and bolted together. Superfly straps are abrasion resistant HD nylon and Kevlar. The fabric shell is 600 denier Cordura: Windproof and waterproof! Our Superfly Blind has integrated overhead and front lids to maximize concealment and keep you warm and dry. Just stand up or lean forward and the lid falls away for shooting. All Superfly Blinds come standard with sewn in webbing sewn for attaching grass to prevent poking holes in the fabric.

The Superfly Light is a single lid version of our larger Superfly and is ideal for small boats like the Phowler Prowler and Prowler Extreme, or smaller jon boats and sport canoes.


Unlike ‘out of box’ blinds, each Superfly is custom fit to your hull with curtains tailored to the boat to ensure the blind will work in all positions and both shooting directions. You can specify locations for zippered dog doors, windows, and other custom options.

The Superfly and Superfly Light is quite simply the best built and easiest to operate pop-up blind on the market today. It will last you a lifetime.

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Phowler Boat Company

Total Concealment Blind System (TCBS)

The Ultimate in Boat Blind Concealment



2015 SuperFly/ SuperFly Light Custom Pop-up Blind Pricing


Custom Fit Pop-up Blind, Extra HD tubing, totally adjustable from inside the boat, custom fit to your boat.


Base Blind Standard Features:

Extra Heavy Duty thick wall aluminum tubing, overhead cover lids, quick up and quick camber adjustment straps, full cordura skins, grassing straps, zipper corners, custom gunnel mounts, travel straps. These blinds are not a "one size fits all" out of a box, they are custom fit to your boat so you are sure they will fit right and will last a lifetime.